We embark on a mission to create the most comprehensive Rammstein press archive on the Internet, aimed at an international audience.

We collect, translate and edit material from all over the world, and we have created a searchable database. Many items will be found in several languages, and our goal is to have as many articles in German as we currently do in English. Where available, articles will also be posted in their original language.

This is a collaborative effort, and we welcome submissions from far and wide! If you have an old magazine clipping, or miss something in our archive, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that we don’t post gossip and generally do not use material from personal blogs. To the extent that it is possible, we do try to obtain permission from the author/original outlet before posting.

This will always be a work in progress and we strive to always make it bigger, better and broader!

Willkommen! The R-files Agents.


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