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What do art and poetry have in common, if anything? Could one feed of the other, and create an entirely new art form? Till Lindemann and Johan Tahon prove that this is possible with their new collaboration.

Belgium born artist, Johan Tahon, is a renowned sculptor whose works have been exhibited throughout galleries in Europe. After having attended the Ghent Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he made his debut in 1994, and now, he’s opening a new exhibition, “Wir überleben das Licht”, in the Netherlands, featuring both old and new work, and contributions in the form of poems by Till Lindemann.

“The unconscious is the most interesting language that exists”

“Fear is definitely a part of my life. This is why I make sculptures. I have to make things that I can hold on to. Something that I can touch, which is there in reality and which is absolutely stable,” says Tahon in a Zoo Magazine interview on what motivates him to sculpt, and continues: “For me, the unconscious is the most interesting language that exists, and it was an important lesson to learn that the unconscious is not there to hurt you, but that the unconscious is a necessary language that makes you a better human being and makes you live more intensely.

“If a sculpture can make a connection, or an artist or a writer can make the language of the unconscious visible in some way, or can make it possible that you can touch it in some way, then I think you are doing important work.”


We’ll Survive the Light

It comes as no surprise that Lindemann, one of whose most famous quote is, “Art doesn’t work without pain; art also exists for compensating pain,” found inspiration in Tahon’s sculptures, often made of a combination of very fragile and sturdy materials, such as plaster and bronze. Lindemann has written five poems that will be featured at Tahon’s exhibition, which opens on the 26th of January, 2018, one of which has given the exhibition its name, “Wir überleben das Licht” (We will survive the light).

“Sometimes you think about pain being a part of life and you think about accepting it. In the arts, pain can also be a point of energy and a starting point for creativity. Why should you need to find solutions if you are happy all the time? Then just be happy,” Tahon echoes Lindemann, although surely not intentionally; the interview was made in 2015.

“But if you are not, you have to find solutions. You have to get through life. You have to get through the day. That’s how it works for me. It’s a psychological need. I can recognize it in other people too. I can recognize it in writers.”

Particularly one writer comes to mind, with whom he doesn’t only share the expression of pain through art, but also a certain kind of dark humour.

“WIR ÜBERLEBEN DAS LICHT” opens at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on the 26th of January and runs for the duration of a year. Described as a cross-over project, it is going to be interesting to follow the development, and we will report more as we get it.



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Photos by Jeroen Mylle, Atelier Johan Tahon

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