In Progress: Till Lindemann in St. Petersburg

Despite that the good Pete isn’t showing his best side this afternoon, the queue of hopeful fans winds far along the Nevskij Prospekt in the heart of St. Petersburg. The line goes on for at least a kilometre, and people are in high spirits despite the relentless rain and the fact that they have stood there for up to six hours. In the 90s, this was what the sausage queue looked like, muses the online newspaper, Komsomolskaija Pravda, and today, it’s to have a poetry book signed, by a foreign author nonetheless.

That has to be the definition of fame, even in this cultural capital.

Reports say that, just as in Moscow recently, the crowds are huge, but orderly and patient. No doubt this will be a very long signing session for Rammstein’s singer, whose poetry collection, “In Stillen Nächten” was translated into Russian 2016 and published along with an enormous media coverage and subsequent signing session in Moscow in November.

Updates will follow.

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Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, PiterTV, iReactor

Photo by MrDopeStar, Екатерина Большакова, Anna Karuna

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