Auf Wiederseh’n, XXII, Herzlich Willkommen, XXIII AR.!

Message from The Headquarters: Auf Wiederseh’n, XXII, Herzlich Willkommen, XXIII AR.!

Too many things to mention happened in this, the 22nd year of Rammstein, and, of course, in the outside world too. We’ve seen our fair share of tragedy, senseless violence and war, but also glimmers of hope and plenty of proof that we live on a pretty awesome planet after all.

And things weren’t exactly quiet on the Rammstein horizon either, and the fan-base has been ablaze by everything from suicide vests (the peaceful kind) to Rammstein bikes.

Rammstein sold out their festival tour, as well as their own concerts (three, only in Berlin), and gave us a new song along with a performance that didn’t disappoint anyone. Or did it?

While other bands are making entire albums about war, and sometimes even making it their gimmick, Rammstein chose to re-enact a terrorist act live on stage. A genius comment on the present-day situation, or a tasteless provocation poking fun of the families of the victims? What was the message, and to what use? This issue seemed to divide the fan-base and made for a very interesting discussion.

Earlier this autumn, Till Lindemann went off and took Russia by storm with the translated edition of his book of poetry, and even if that wasn’t all that unexpected, the interviews he gave were! There were not-so-subtle hints about a new album, more concert dates, new books and a lot more news. For those thinking Rammstein was on its last legs, repent, ye weak of faith! There seems to be a lot of goings on in the future, starting with a headlining in Iceland this very spring.

And of course, there was a LINDEMANN performance in Hamburg, “Der Tastenficker” came out in audiobook format and, above all, Rammstein Press launched in September! As just to mention a few…

As we bury this year, and welcome the new, there is good time to take a moment to remember and to anticipate, to use planet Earth as our crystal ball, as Flake and Oliver seem to do above, and take a stab at a prediction of the future.

What was your highlight this past year, and what do you wish for the most next year? Please share in the comments. Maybe the Agents will share theirs too.

And above all, thank you for all your support during our launch and first wobbly steps into Cyberspace, and a very happy XXIII!

//The Agents

End of Message


Photo: Olaf Heine

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  1. Happy new year to all at Rammstein Press. I’ve spent many hours here looking through the vault. And next year I’ll once more see the band on stage 🙂

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