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A breakthrough in an ongoing investigation: Till Lindemann enthrals Moscow with Poetry

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The mutual love affair between Till Lindemann and his band, Rammstein, and Mother Russia has been long known, not at least proved by the 600,000 head strong audience at Rock Over Volga in Samara, 2013, and the mile-long lines of eager fans when his project, LINDEMANN, together with Peter Tägtgren, visited Moscow in June of last year.

The LINDEMANN visit was called “unprecedented” as over 5,000 fans showed up, and more than 1,500 had their posters and records signed during an 4,5 hour session. Officials stated that fans had to be turned away, but none were hospitalised.
That record has now been broken, and then some.

The TASS news agency reports that more than 4,000 fans invaded the Columbus Shopping Centre on the 18th of November, and, according to a representative of the publishing house, Lindemann promised that they would all get their books signed. A claim that is yet unconfirmed, but quite plausible. And no reports of hospitalisation this time either.

We have tried to gain intelligence of other instances when a poetry book has gained such a rally in Russia, but our efforts have so far failed, and records keep pouring in with other information from Lindemann’s visit, such as live recitations of his poems, the confirmation of a new Rammstein album and tour and, not the least, more books on the horizon!

And of course a string of curious journalists all wanting to have a word with the singer-turned-author. In this interview for RBC, Natalia Lomykin sits down with Till to discuss children’s books, the pitfalls of the Internet and upcoming tour dates. And a few things about his personal life…

Without a doubt, there will be more to learn from this record-breaking visit, but for now, this is what we have gathered into the “В тихой ночи. Лирика”- case file.

From Russia, with love
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