TASS: Four thousand people lined up in Moscow for Till Lindemann’s autograph

Moscow: Nearly four thousand people were lining up for an autograph from Till Lindemann, the singer of the German band, Rammstein, when he came to Moscow today. This is his first visit as an author and a poet. The occasion is his book of poetry, “In Stillen Nächten”, (“В тихой ночи. Лирика”) newly translated into Russian, which sold out on the first day of publishing, as reported by the Eksmo Publishing House’s press service.

“About 4,000 people showed up at the Columbus Shopping Centre, a huge queue winding across the open floor in front of the book store, Chitaij Gorod [Read City], even before Till Lindemann had started to sign his books, but he promised that everyone would get an autograph,” said a representative of the publishing house, noting that many of those standing in line had showed up even before the shopping centre opened at 08:30. The representative also pointed out that Till Lindemann had specifically asked that disabled people should be first in line.

The first edition of the book, 10,000 copies, sold out already the first day of sale, according to Eksmo, and on the evening of the 18, Till has a special invite to the Gogol theatre in Moscow to attend the theatrical performance – recitations of his work. More about this event here

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This is the first time Till Lindemann is in Russia in the role of a poet. The Eksmo Publishing House describes his poems as “provocative and passionate”, and his work as “teetering on the brink [of good taste] and challenging society”. The book has earned an 18+ label for its profane content. Each poem is illustrated by artist Matthies Mathis, and the Russian edition features the poems in both Russian and German, alongside each other, to the delight of the fans of the musician-turn-poet.

Till Lindemann is the singer and lyricist of the heavy metal bands, Rammstein and Lindemann. He published his first book of poetry, “Messer”, in 2002, but it was never translated into Russian.

Translation by Murray
Original source: TASS
Date: November 18, 2016
Photos: © Александр Щербак/ТАСС, Виталий Белоусов

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