Antihero Magazine – Festival Review: CAPITAL OF ROCK in Wrocław, Poland

When someone says European capital city of culture, you would hardly imagine what exactly happened at Stadium Wrocław on the last Saturday of August 2016. Poles certainly made the perfect choice by making this day in Wrocław the Capital of Rock, that’s for sure.

Some 15 minutes short of 11PM, the Stadium got finally full. And when I say full, I mean absolutely packed. The floor was crowded, and I don’t think that one place stayed empty even on the tribunes, and that says something

Anyone that has had the pleasure to attend a Rammstein show before knows that these guys just deliver. From the first song till the very end, it’s a sight to behold. For how old the band is, they are still going strong, and many of the young and upcoming bands still have a lot to learn from them. From Till Lindemann‘s antics, to the amazing live music performance, and the epic show full of fire. Because there are certainly not many shows where you can see flamethrowers a.k.a. guitars, a singer with a burning bow, or a pyro show not only on stage, but also at the soundboard between the people, boiling the crowd to the maximum! And people were mesmerized by the whole ordeal. During “Ich Will” all the hands were high up in the sky, and the chanting of “Du hast” must have been heard all over Wrocław, shaking the city to the ground.

As an encore, of course, “Amerika” couldn’t be missed, with the confetti spilling all over the fans, as well as little sparkles that matched the sparkling outfit of keyboardist, Christian “Flake” Lorenz. To top it all, Till Lindemannappeared during the last song of the concert, “Engel,” suspended in the air with massive black wings bursting flames high up into the sky. The band even made an effort to thank the fans for an amazing night not only in German, but also in Polish.

All in all, if you haven’t seen Rammstein yet, be sure to go! This is one hell of a show no true metal fan should miss!



Original source: AntiHero Magazine
Review and Photos by NIWY KOVÁČOVÁ

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