Kerrang! – Anatomy of a rockstar: Till Lindemann

What makes a rock hero? We pull apart the RAMMSTEIN and LINDEMANN mainman to find out


fig.1 – We’ve seen some pretty crazy things

“We come across a lot of strange things in Rammstein. All of the time. But I don’t have any particular stories to tell. These are our fans and I don’t want to insult them or make them upset by saying something is weird. But yes, there have been moments…”

fig.2 – Rammstein is still in the picture

“We’re meeting up in September again for preproduction on the next record. So, everything is good and in hand, it’s all starting over again. Usually a record takes two years then we go on tour again. It’s the same procedure.”

fig.3 – The days of rockstar excess are over

“We’ve had some wild times. [But now] nobody is drinking. There are no good parties… I think things like that don’t exist anymore because there are no bands around. Good bands need good records, good writing processes, good productions and to be together as a band in rehearsal rooms and the studio. All these things that frame a band don’t really exist any more. And all the bands you do get are so whiny. ding, ding, ding. I’m missing the heavy!”

fig.4 – I find things just come out of my brain

“When I write, I don’t think about how people will interpret it. It’s almost like I can’t help it. It’s just there. The main thing for me is to write everything down and position it so people can jump on it with a riff. Both processes inspire each other: music by the lyrics, and vice versa. I’ll get sent an instrumental and come up with a hook or a line for it. Then you start constructing things and build it from there, but you need the foundation first.”


fig.5 – Love is responsibility and suffering

“It’s both of those things all the time (laughs). As well as wasting money, of course. Love is a bit like a second arsehole: you need it and it’s there. You can’t help it, no matter who you are, everybody needs it in some way. In that sense it’s quite like breathing. It’s there, you need it and it comes… even if you fight it (laughs)!”

fig.6 – I have so many scars from performing

“There are so many, I never know where to start. I was scarred for life one time at a small club show in New York City. The thickness of the glass is different in America, so one of the guys started hitting me [with a sheet of glass] but it wouldn’t break. I was like ‘Come on, do it!’ Then they took a massive swing and boom! It cracked in the middle. You could see the gap it made in me. I was backstage sewing myself together. I got dizzy and had to lie down. I went pale green and wiped my mouth, about to puke!”

fig.7 – My poetry is a reflection of me

“I get inspired by my environment and my past. I just sit there and think about things that have happened. That’s the best thing. You need to reflect on what’s gone on, think about how you are now and combine everything on a little piece of paper. When it comes to writers, I really like Charles Bukowski, he’s kinda like my hero. And William S. Burroughs, of course.”

fig.8 – I used to swim professionally

“I don’t really any more, though. I try to enjoy myself these days. To me, sport is more like getting the costume on and discipline. I hate that. Of course, sometimes I still go swimming but just not that much. In the old days, I would be keeping fit all the time, every day, but nowadays I like to enjoy myself and my wine. You can never go wrong with a bottle of Brunello, the italian wine.”

Original source: Kerrang!: K!1571 – THE HEROES ISSUE!

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