25 years of SZ Magazine Special: Moment 35: 2012

A Journey to the End of the Night: The Süddeutsche Zeitung editor, Alexander Gorkow, accompanied the band, Rammstein, on their tour through the US. An expedition that resulted in an entire issue – one that even the band members remember fondly, including the keyboard player, Flake Lorenz, whose words these are.

When a band is playing together for any length of time, the formation of a contained society with its own rules of conduct and language is inevitable. The rules in and of themselves may seem crude and rude to outsiders, but they are really formed out of consideration and deep respect for one another. That the jargon in a band, at least in ours, is limited to a few, particularly obscene words, isn’t always obvious to those listening.

Not even close friends and family are always able to access the band structure. This often results in unpleasant situations. When, for example, a friend of one band member happily joins the table for dinner at a restaurant, an icy cold silence spreads. The band member whose friend it is tries to save the situation by justifying the friend to the band and the band to the friend. But everyone is relieved once the intruder is gone. And it’s particularly difficult to keep sound ethics on the road! Therefore, a lot of people keep a healthy distance from us to protect themselves. Others try to fit in but are faced with severe problems in readjusting to normal life. Yet some suddenly divorce their wives and move to Berlin and such. But we rarely see again most of those who tag along with us.

We were very curious as to how the US tour with Alexander Gorkow in tow would go down. Alexander hadn’t come along for the fun of it, that would have been next to impossible, since tourists have an especially hard time with us. He should, as the people at SZ-Magazine had requested, gather so-called impressions of us and write about what happens during a several week-long tour with Rammstein. When Alexander joined us in Huntington Beach, he already had a good head start in his back pocket: we had once read a very personal text he’d written about Rammstein that he never published in any magazine or book. This text completely threw us. Since we knew that he was going to write about us, we made an effort to provide him with more than two coherent sentences at a time. At least during the first few days. At some point the words became exhausted, but he was still there, and that was actually the most pleasant time. Alexander, apparently and fortunately, is not one of those who speaks more than is absolutely necessary.

When we say that someone is not completely unpleasant, it’s a really high praise. Alexander even hung around in our dressing rooms before the concerts and that put him on really thin ice. But little by little we came to the conclusion, and to our own big surprise, that it was nice to have him there. It was a really good experience for us. Besides, Alexander brought with him a spark of culture into our completely debauched day-to-day life. As had become customary over the years, once we’d finished eating, we belched and spat in the corner. Alexander taught us that you need not do that. Instead, you could say: “That was good and now I’m full.” Thank you, Alex!

Gorkow hat keine Zeit

Aus der Feder spritzt das Blut
Mit den Zähnen aufs Papier
Böse Worte so ist gut
Unvernunft Begabtes Tier

Er könnte einen Wald verprügeln
Wenn er feines Liedgut schreit
Ach er könnte Kanzler werden
Hat nur leider keine Zeit

Das Gesindel will ihn laben
Alle suchen sein Geleit
Ach er könnt sie alle haben
Hat nur leider keine Zeit

– Till Lindemann, Berlin, March, 2015


Gorkow doesn’t have the time

The pen is spurting blood
Paper chafed by ragged teeth
Evil words are oh, so good
Ridiculously gifted beast

He could break a tree in two
If he sung a pretty rhyme
Oh he could be the chancellor too
If he only had the time

The rabble wants to eat him whole
All wanting him to lead the line
Oh he could really have it all
If he only had the time

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Original Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung
Translation: Murray / Schnitz

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