Ailing, anxious and not likely to succeed.

Christian “Flake“ Lorenz’s book, “Der Tastenficker. An was ich mich so erinnern kann”, was published today, the 16th of March, and he is currently undertaking a reading tour through Germany. The first reviews have begun dropping in and the consensus seems to be “a lot of GDR, not a lot of Rammstein”. This does not, however, equal uninteresting, and thus far, the reviewers have been enthusiastic.

Ailing, anxious and not likely to succeed.

Uwe Wohlmacher in conversation with Mathias Mausberger, Deutschland Kulturradio, 16.3.15.

Rammstein’s keyboard player, Christian Lorenz — or Flake, for short — has published his memoirs of life and career. Although there’s almost nothing in the book about the heavy metal outfit, it’s nevertheless very interesting, according to [Deutschland Kulturradio] music critic, Uwe Wohlmacher.

“Der Tastenficker” is the title of the book that has brought Flake into the writer’s guild. Foremost, Flake recounts his life in the GDR, which was only fun at times. As a child, he was the perpetual outsider, ailing, with a lot of phobias, and therefore had few friends. Flake became a punk and hit the bottle. And then, the music. That provided Flake with due recognition.

Flake comes across as a Lucky Hans, who, more by accident than by deliberate planning, stumbles through the alternative life in the GDR, but he’s always landing on his feet. It was Flake’s good fortune to become a keyboard player since there weren’t many around. This way, he could play in a lot of bands and help out everywhere. Flake doesn’t write a lot about Rammstein, but that doesn’t matter – he shows us a completely different side of the GDR, and that is very exciting. And perhaps he will someday write a sequel.

Listen to the whole review, in German, on DeutschlandRadio Kultur

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