Der Tastenficker – An was ich mich so erinnern kann

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Keyboard players were called “Keywankers“ in the East. As the keyboard player of Rammstein, Flake is by far the most notorious of all the keywankers, and now, he’s presenting his autobiography.

He is the keyboard player of the “biggest German band of our times” (Die Welt), and has toured the world almost continuously for the past 20 years. There’s practically no one who hasn’t at least heard of the most significant Rammstein songs, “Bück Dich”, “Seeman” or, “Du Riechst So Gut”. Founded in 1994, Rammstein originated the “Neue Deutsche Härte”-genre, and one of the few bands that can truly be labeled art.

Flake grew up in Prenzlauer Berg. But since he dodged the conscription for the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA), he was refused higher education. Instead, he went through an apprenticeship to become a tool maker and devoted himself to music. In 1983, he got involved with Feeling B, whose legendary performances were even acknowledged in a sequence of the book, “Kruso”, by the award winning author, Lutz Seiler.

In Rammstein, Flake stands out because of his peculiar contributions to the show, and the fans gleefully applaud his fearless and brazen antics. He’s come pretty far for a Keywanker…

• Not only an indispensable book for the fans of Rammstein and Feeling B,
this is also a piece of contemporary history.
• This spring, Flake sets out on a book tour throughout Germany.
• Collectibles: first editions, numbered and signed by Flake.

On What I Can Recall

Circa 352 pages with two picture sections and 100 pictures, colored throughout. Hardback.
Signed and numbered first editions.
ISBN 978-3-86265-439-0
Schwarzkopf Verlag
Publication date the 16th of March, 2015

To fulfill your dreams before you get too old, to enjoy them and not get devastated if something should go wrong, would be a good summary of Flake’s philosophy of life.
His autobiography is actually a bit like an anarchic version of the Brother Grimm’s story, “Lucky Hans”: The young Flake roams the 1980’s GDR subculture scene. That he, according to himself, is a timid kind of guy doesn’t stop him from pursuing his own path. Almost-Solo performances at the age of 13, despite questionable command of his instrument – why not? Founding a rental firm for veteran automobiles, because you have a penchant for old cars? Of course! Join this new, menacing band, even if you can hardly stand their music at first? Look out, Rammstein!
THE KEYWANKER is not only a tongue-in-cheek and disarmingly honest biography of an artist, but also an accessibly written document of contemporary history. A really great book!

FLAKE, born Christian Lorenz in East Berlin, 1966, was the keyboard player in Feeling B, Der Magdalene Keibel Combo and Frigitte Hodenhorst Mundschenk, among others. Since 1994 is he the keyboard player in Rammstein. He lives with his family in Berlin.

Excerpt from the book, translated by Murray

“When I discovered the Rolling Stones, my mother enthusiastically came dancing into the room. Cheerfully, she informed me, that this Mick Jagger of mine was exactly as old as she was. It wasn’t something I was keen to learn since I would always think of my parents whenever I heard the Stones. After that, the Stones weren’t even half as good anymore. I also got into the Dead Kennedys since they were playing so fast and hard. What can I say? My mother was quite impressed with them as well, and told me that Jello Biafra was a left-wing local politician and that alone made her like him. So that music was spoiled too. But the worst thing of all was when my parents came to a concert. Just knowing that my mother was in the audience, freaked me out. And once I saw her, excitedly swaying to the rhythm of our music, I felt caught, as if I had behaved like the good boy for her for years, and withholding the music I was making.” – Flake

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