Express & Star: Rammstein, LG Arena, Birmingham

It was Midlands favorites Slade who said ‘Cum On Feel the Noize’, but with devastating German efficiency it was Rammstein who attacked all five senses at the LG Arena on Saturday night.

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It was a case of feel the noise, the heat and the power and taste and smell the fuel, as the German six-piece pummeled the all-too-willing audience with a performance full of industrial metal fury and industrial scale pyrotechnics.

Touring to promote their new best-of compilation, Made in Germany 1995-2011, Rammstein filled the packed-out venue with walls of sound and columns of flame, from microphone stands wreathed in fire to flame throwers and lead singer Till Lindemann’s extraordinary angel wings during the spectacular Engel.

What’s always astonishing about a Rammstein concert is how many people in the audience can sing along, word perfect with the mostly German lyrics.

In truth it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand what on earth Lindemann is singing about . . . just feel the noise; Slade had it right.

As it was, highlights on the night included a rapturously greeted Du Hast, Mein Hertz Brent, Amerika and Keine Lust.

From an amazing opening as the band walked to the stage over the crowd’s heads on a giant gantry which was spitting fire, to the thoroughly delicious and decidedly rude finale, which saw the front rows covered in a huge spray of foam, Rammstein proved yet again that they put on a show like no other band.

LG Arena, Birmingham
Concert review & photos by Ian Harvey
Original source: Express&Star 

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