America braces for the return of Rammstein


Rammstein is notoriously hard to interview, even on the best of days. So, having a go at it by calling from America on a wonky cellular phone is brave, braver still conducting said interview via a translator who, most likely, never even listened to a Rammstein song in their life.

You got to hand it to the chap from Metal Edge who actually managed to accomplish such a task, even when spending the best part of ten minutes trying to get the translator to distinguish between “song” and “video”.

There is no telling how much is creativity and how much is actual quotations, but here’s for trying! And, at the end of the day, it’s really Rammstein’s music that communicates best…

#BotchedInterviews #CommunicationBreakdown #OhGodHelp

Source: Metal Edge
Date: January 2005
Contributor: Mikel Lux Oculta

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