KAOS2000: Rammstein at Maritime Hall – San Francisco, CA (June 20, 1999)

Enough of the cries of Fascist doom rockers and inspirations for suicidal deadly teens, Rammstein is here to make light of industrial music. Rammstein came to town in San Francisco on July 20 to show the Bay Area that heavy rock and industrial music could be both powerful and yet not too serious to make fun of itself.

rs4The show opened with the fiery form of Til Lindeman singing the self-titled song “Rammstein” while the band chugged away loudly providing an ominous sway to the wooden floor beneath the feet of the audience. By the second song it was obvious that this was a band who performed in true German fashion of perfectionism but yet had a twinkle of mischievous behavior in their eyes. The band left no ear unsinged as they plowed through songs from both of their CDs. Singer Til Lindeman, a previous Olympic swimmer, had great form as he commanded the crowd with his presence. Guitarist … was ominous in appearance, shirtless, with a white contact lens in one eye. Bassist and drummer…… provided the mechanical backbeats that set this band in motion and prevent heads from clunking up and down. Keyboardist…. is a riot with his dance moves. He would almost have fit into the mid-80s line-up of Prince & The Revolution (before he became known as Formerly Known As…). His funky moves and eerie keyboard placements add to the entirety of Rammstein’s music keeping it original. Guitarist….. held up the other side of the stage with his steady rhythms.

thumb_389__history_detail_cover_quarterpageAside from the bombastic sound that Rammstein provides, the humor cannot be missed (except by most of the news media it seems). During the hit “Du Hast” (“You Hate Me”), Til forcefully sang the lines “Du, du hast, du hast mich…” and then broke into mock tears at the thought that the audience may indeed have hated him. This is not an act that one would see at a Cure or Nine Inch Nails show. Rammstein’s live performance is not for kids however. It should be mentioned that part of the act involved a most unexpected, yet uproarious, staging of Keyboardist…… being led around by a chain while muted with a bondage ball-gag. Til then showed off his leg and then quickly pulled down his shorts, exposing a bare bottom that was promptly spanked. Before anyone knew what was happening, Til unzipped and pulled out a very realistic penis that was (in act only) thrust between his thighs. This resulted in a climax that shot like a fire hose… and shot… and shot…. for the duration of the song. For all the pyrotechnics that Rammstein is known for, his “wündertool” flooded the stage with enough fake semen to put out the Chicago Fire of 1918. After some prayer and waiting, the deluge subsided. Another scene during a slow number sent guitarist…… rafting in an inflatable raft over the heads of the audience. And, let’s not forget about the pyrotechnics. KISS may have had their day but Rammstein is here to show what fire can really accomplish in the way of entertainment. From flaming body suits to fiery keyboards and microphone stands to immense flame-shooting guns, Rammstein leaves no closet arsonist sexually unsatisfied. The end of the show was classy in their heartfelt “thank you” to the crowd.

Musically and visually, Rammstein is a band who knows how to entertain without pretensions. There is also no language barrier as the music is the driving force. Rammstein is a band who should find their niche in today’s music and stay around for a long, long time.

Original source: kaos2000.net
Written by Philip Anderson, 1999

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